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avoiDance Concept


Avoid, Dance, Duck and Dive your way around the Danger Orbs and get to those score zones in an attempt to make the cut in the various exciting & challenging physics-based Arenas!

This freemium game by Eternal Syndrome (ES) Entertainment takes great advantage of the high-end Box2d physics engine making for a unique, exhilarating and high energy gaming experience!

The game is built in Flash and it's Arena's are powered via XML meaning easy player customisation and modding. This will allow you to share and play yours (and others) creations easily. (Once I've made the frontend for arena creation too of course).

The game is currently in development and I will be charting it's progress here (and at the links below) via Blogs, Vlogs, Pods and anything else that's makes sense or rhyme's with the formers.

ES Twitter: www.twitter.com/eternalsyndrome
Dev Lab Blog: www.esdevlab.eternalsyndrome.com
Dev Lab Vlog / ESTV: www.youtube.com/eternalsyndrome
Emmunity Forums: www.emmunityforums.eternalsyndrome.com
ES Flash Game Portal: www.flashgamesretreat.com

No Info
Single Player
Release Date TBD

First ES Dev Vlog by Indie Game Developer Eternal Syndrome for Freemium Flash Game 'avoiDance Concept'.
The game is still in development at this point and the first vlog features some gameplay from arena1_mc accompanied by my (Leroy 'The 1nteger' Frederick - Developer) smooth vocals to boot talking about the game and vlog in general

You may also view the video here (the moddb / indiedb page link isn't authorised yet at time of writing): Su.pr
You can follow the development of this game here and via the links below.
ES Twitter: Twitter.com
Dev Lab Blog: Esdevlab....nalsyndrome.com
Dev Lab Vlog / ESTV: Youtube.com
Emmunity Forums: Emmunityf....eternalsynd...
ES Flash Game Portal: Flashgamesretreat.com
Thanks for checking this out, more to come very soon...



avoiDance Concept


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29,386 Games Available
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