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Second Dimension

First Person Shooter

Currently looking for:
Weapon Modelers
Character modelers
Texture Artists
Music Composers
Sound Effects composers
2D Artists
And anything else you want to contribute!


Second Dimension

In one sentence

The game is about two robotic forces fighting to the death for power in a virtual world.

Microsoft Windows

Unique Selling Points
The reason people should play the game is because it is unique in its setting, Uses alot of teamwork with squads, Has buildable structures that the players can interact with, Requires startagy and some skill, Noob friendly game which means that none of the weapons are more powerful then they need to be and has integrated admin and teamkill punishment. Players can choose their gun loadout for a uniqe gameplay expirience everytime. Play classes include Leader, General soldiers, Mechanics and Engineers.
Game Mechanics
The game is requires team play and is not a deathmatch. The game is squad-based, Their are two squads pure team. One Leader per squad and a unlimited amount of soldiers and a limited amout of mechanics. The squad leader has the ability to call for a supporting area attack so he/she can give their squad a rest or surprise the enemy or simply for kills. Squad leaders also have acess to a map from which they can give orders to individual members of their squad or all of them together, And also view the other squads orders. Squad leaders can make firebases, But members of the squad must help to finish construction of the firebase. Any member of the team can spawn at a firebase through their map. Firebases provide players that are near them with health and ammunition. But they can be destroyed by the enemy if a enemy gets into them or the enemy shoots them enough. Mechanics can Heal fellow soldiers, and make transport teleporters. Engineers can build barricades and mines around them to help defend the firebase, Also can build small lazer sentries. Soldiers are the generic fighting force. They can construct firebases that the leader has made. Choose from 8 different primarys and 2 different secondary weapons for their loadout and have a building device to constuct with. Aswell as a device to blow up enemy caches. They can be ordered around by their leader. Mechanics are one of the most important classes in the game. They can heal friendly soldiers in combat and revive dead friendlies. before they spawn. Mechanics also have a device that allows them to heal friendly caches and firebases, they can also use it on enemy bases and caches to damage them. The objective of the two teams is to defeat the other by depleating the enemys caches. If all of the caches are destroyed on your team, The other team is declared victorious. And if both caches on both teams are destroed simoltaniously it counts as a draw. The game has VOIP for a reason, So the squads can communicate to eachother so they can decide what to do. For example, Who is defending who is attacking. It is a good idea to have one squad attack and one to defend so the attacking squad can fall back without dying. Each level has a gate in the middle that opens after 60 seconds so teams can prepare for the iminent battle!
W to move forward. A to move left. S to move backwards. D to move right. Q for Team-VOIP. F for All-VOIP. Y to use All-chat. U to use team-chat. T to use squad-chat. M to bring up the general map. N to bring up the Squad-Leader map. K to change classes, L to change teams. MOUSE1 to use primary trigger, MOUSE2 to use secondary trigger.

You get points, Points count towards ribbons, Ribbons show above your head to other players so they know your skill level. if you get a ribbon in-game by reaching the next level you get boosts. Boosts give you double the damage for a round. Points can be ahived by killing enemys, and you get double the points if the enemy is 20 meters away from a cache which counts as defending.
Win and Lose Conditions
You win by taking down all of the enemys cache. if a enemy kills all of your caches you loose. If all of both teams caches are destroyed within 10 seconds of eachother it counts as a draw.

Level Design
The levels will be designed to give the players a unique gameplay expirience and be simple to complex depending on the map. Every map has a gate in the middle that opens after 60 seconds.
The names of each team are "The Aliens" and "The Robots".
Visual Style
Cyberspace themed, Sort of similar to Dystopia. Robotic forces. Neon colors on a black background. Im sure you know what I mean when I say Cyber-Space or Virtual Reality themed.

-Player Models and textures
-Weapon models and textures
-2D Menu art
-Concept art
-Level Design
-Prop Models
Audio Style
-Musical style should be a action techno, but nothing to cheesy. Something epic that makes the player want to have battles and battle to the death with robots in a cyber-space themed world.
-Weapon sounds effects stock or custom

Narrative and Dialog
-Voice commands

No Info
Developer & Publisher Second Dimension Team
Release Date TBD


Second Dimension


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29,386 Games Available
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