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Warmerise | Red vs Blue

First Person Shooter

Play Warmerise: Warmerise.com

Short Information about Warmerise:-
Game Type: First Person Shooter multiplayer browser game-
Game Modes: Elimination Game Mode (EGM), Team Deathmatch (TDM)-
Maps: SkyGates, Zone A, Snowy Canyon-
Weapons: Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Flame Thrower, Heavy Machinegun, Shotgun. Each weapon could be upgraded in upgrade menu (NOTE: weapon could be upgraded after reaching certain number of kills - individual for every type)- Ability to use JetPack instead of normal jump (Hold Space in game)So if you interested in this game, you are welcome to try it on official website (It's Free!)To see screenshots and other updates, check official facebook pagefacebook warmeriseNOTE: This game is still in Alpha stage, so new stuff will be added in future updates dailyAlso since web player is streamed, after main menu is loaded, wait around 1 -2 mins till all maps are loaded too


-Working on ability to drive vehicles.
-Working on global ranking.
-Working on spawn protection.
Version - 1.3.3 (2.01.2012)
Version - 1.3.0 (1.01.2012)
-Changed shotgun crosshair texture
-Small bug fixes and improvements
Version - 1.2.2 (31.12.2012)
-Removed CTA game mode
-Added new game mode EGM - Elimination game mode. Now match is splitted into small rounds. Each match have 10 rounds. In order to win, one team need to eliminate other. Round ends if there is no players left in some team or time is over
-Added new weapon - Shotgun
-Added Mini and Duel rooms for each map
Version - 1.1.6 (28.12.2012)
-Added game mode notfication near score tab
-Reduced machine gun fire sound intensity for a bit
-Now all players are sorted correctly by kills. Fixed bug when sometimes player with most kills wasnt at the top of list
Version - 1.1.3 (27.12.2012)
-Changed Machine Gun fire sound
-Added notification for hit direction. Now player is able to see from where he got shot.
(NOTE: It not indicates enemy player position but the part of our player which received damage impact
-Other small fixes and improvements
Verison - 1.1.1 (25.12.2012)
-Added armory points (1 on each base). So in order to change weapon, player should walk inside area and press G - default key
-Added ability to zoom with each weapon (RMB - default key)
-Improved room liist menu
-Added 3 extra rooms for each map with 8 players limit and TDM game mode
Version - 1.0.9 (24.12.2012)
-New player HUD
-Added ability to aim with rocket launcher
-Fixed couple small bugs
Version - 1.0.6 (23.12.2012)
-Added ability to mute game sound
-Reduced grenade detonate time. Now grenade explode after 1.7 seconds)
Version - 1.0.4 (23.12.2012)
-New player damage effect (For first person view)
Version - 1.0.0 (21.12.2012)
-Rebuilded maps "Zone A" and "SnowyCanyon"
-Added plasma grenades (V key by default)
-Now different surfaces have different footstep sounds
-Increased player energy duration
-Other small improvements
Version - 0.9.7 (16.12.2012)
-Optimized code for better performance
Version - 0.9.5 (15.12.2012)
-New crosshair texture
-New hitmark texture
-Added fire animation for first person weapons
Version - 0.9.4 (15.12.2012)
-Changed game view to First Person
-Minor bug fixes
Version - 0.9.3 (13.12.2012)
-Small GUI improvements
-Fixed black screen bug
-Possibly fixed Map Rotation bug when after loading new map players were unable to join teams
Version - 0.9.2 (12.12.2012)
-New player GUI
-Added player energy limit. It is used for running or JetPack. Energy regenerates when player is not running and using JetPack (When player crouch energy regenerates faster)
Version - 0.9.0 (11.12.2012)
-Added sound effect when player got hit
-Fixed known bug in rooms with Map Rotation mode enabled
Version - 0.8.7 (10.12.2012)
-Added new field (Map/Game Mode rotation). The name speak for itself. In rooms with Rotation mode enabled, after round is finished Map/Game Mode are changed randomly
-Other small improvements
Version - 0.8.6 (9.12.2012)
-Now after player was killed, it drops the weapon which was holding before. When other player pick it up, ammo from that weapon adds to our which is correspond to picked. Also ammo quantity we can pick is same as player had before got killed
-Added sound effect and screen effect for picking up dropped guns
-Now player can shoot even when falling
-Minor bug fixes and improvements
Version - 0.8.2 (6.12.2012)
-Added various sound effects (For Spawn, Final count down, Menu button press, Final message etc.)
-Minor bug fixes and improvements
Version - 0.8.1 (4.12.2012)
Changes for CTA (Catch the Area) mode:
-Added spectator mode
-Now when player got killed, will not able to respawn till next round
-Team got win if one of next conditions are done:
1. Opposite team were eliminated
2. Area were holded for certain time
3. Round time is over and team with more points win (Draw is possible for all previous conditions)
-CTA round duration were changed to 2 min
Changes for CTA and TDM game modes
-Added notification when player is Dead into Chat and Scoreboard
-Scoreboard shows number of alive players
-Lifted view angle a bit
Verison - 0.7.7 (2.12.2012)
-Added notification when player typing (Small light above)
Version - 0.7.5 (1.12.2012)
-Added new weapon "Heavy Machinegun"
Version - 0.7.4 (30.11.2012)
-Added ambient sound to map SkyGates
-Added beep sound when 5 seconds left till round end
Version 0.7.2 - (30.11.2012)
-Optimized code for better performace
Version - 0.7.0 (29.11.2012)
-Fixed JetPack bug. Now it work correctly and respond on key press immediately
Version - 0.6.9 (28.11.2012)
-Added ability to change control buttons and Show/Hide FPS
Version - 0.6.6 (26.11.2012)
-Added notifications when player join or leave room
-Added team chat. T - normal chat, Y - team chat (only your teammates see it)
-Added Hotkeys for Upgrade menu.
G + 1 + Q = Machine Gun with normal ammo
G + 2 + Q = Sniper Rifle with normal ammo
G + 3 + Q = Rocket Launcher with basic missile
G + 4 + Q = Flame thrower with basic fuel
G + 1 + E = Machine Gun with explosive ammo
G + 2 + E = Sniper Rifle with killer ammo
G + 3 + E = Rocket Launcher with advanced missile



Warmerise | Red vs Blue


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