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During his gradual recovery from a chronic disease, a musician and luthier had traveled to a beautiful foreign land. Just to get away, relax in scenic beauty, and maybe find some musical inspiration. He left the crowded, distracting cities to travel all the way to a border town so he could enjoy the best sceneries there were.

Then the war broke out.

Everyone lost their minds and chaos ruled. In the midst of all this, he found a boy with a broken leg, crawling against the stream of people running away from the fighting.

He couldn’t just leave the poor boy. He tried to pull him away from danger, but the kid showed him a picture of a girl and pointed deeper into town. With haste, he helped the boy get to where he wanted to go: a large laboratory. There was screaming coming from the inside.

They followed the sounds deeper into the building until they encountered a small girl stabbing a female scientist to death.

The girl passed out and the boy crawled to her immediately. There were three corpses at the scene, two in white lab coats. A picture on the wall showed the dead people and the two kids, all happy and smiling.

The musician was still shell-shocked, but with the war outside, dangers were already on the doorstep again. He took it upon himself to protect the kids from the war. The boy’s name was Kai and the girl’s was Kira. They showed him the few underground lab rooms that they had access to, and the three of them made it their home while the war raged on outside.


The game will have action and stealth mechanics as well as puzzle and visual novel elements. We want to focus on the story, the AI and the immersive atmosphere of the game. Playing as the foreign musician, you will explore the mysterious labs, the war-ravaged town and the scenic landscape surrounding it, looking for supplies and answers, while trying to take care of the children and teaching them right from wrong. With our robust AI learning system, the children will respond to your actions and gradually change. Our goal is to deliver the truest, deepest and most emotional experiences.

The kids’ AI will be developed with Machine Learning, which means they can learn through experiences. For example, if you always kill enemies upon met without mercy, the kids will grow to be violent. If you help other people frequently, they will learn to do the same, etc.

The Light Novel

We’re going to demonstrate the game world and tell some stories through a light novel written specifically for the game. A chapter will be published every month or two. We’re not going to spoil much and might even insert some lies and misleading clues. The point is to make sure everyone can feel the game better and imagine what kind of mysteries there are. You will have to play the game to truly understand the characters and mysteries.
I (Hai) am the writer, Jaco is our editor and Trieu is the illustrator.
You can read all chapters here!

The team

- Hai (writer, programmer, designer)
- Trieu (concept artist, designer)
- Jaco (English proofreader, editor)
- Lucas (3D artist)
- Josh (composer)

We're recruiting!

We're looking for a 3D character artist and animator so if you're interested, contact us at kikaiteam@gmail.com!

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29,386 Games Available
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