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Star Zeal 4x

Indiegogo link: Indiegogo.com

Star Zeal is a work in progress 4x space strategy game(on Indiegogo right now) with a focus on a more personal take with your civilization and its characters. A mixture between a procedural, open ended RPG and a space civilization builder.

The main game has you play in the Milky Way galaxy with pre-made star clusters and systems like our own the Sol system and many procedural star clusters. You will be able to choose from a multitude of species within their own family to form a faction such as humanoid, reptilian, insectoid, mechanical, other mammalian species and even non corporeal beings.

One of the main features is the extremely large playable area, an entire galaxy! With thousands of procedurally generated and hand made star systems. You will probably never explore it all. You can start off as any available species or go with what is more familiar and start with the young Human Empire recovering from long tribal wars on Earth.

Unique features.

-Massive galaxy to play in with real life star clusters and procedurally generated as you go along.
-Deep character and species system, more focus on character interaction and development.
-Espionage, military tactics, diplomacy and exploration will be more favourable than sheer expansion.
-Research tree is dynamic and opens depending on your exploration and available resources.
-Alignment system, good or bad depending on actions you take.
-Your empires progress and survival will be aided by procedural quests and your choices in them will determine your alignment.
-Mysterious foes and anomalies to interact with.

Basic features

-Unique races, with unique ship sets, characters and other art including planetary bases.
-Real time, with adjustable time skips and pause.
-Ship design.
-Full real time 3d battles on all axis.
-3d colony.
-Diplomacy and influence.
-Automation when the player wants, in multiple aspects of gameplay.

Main pre made factions for early access are:

Human Empire Sirius Rebels(minor rebels) Carcharon(large carnivorous reptilians) Mikonians(large carnivorous mammals) Lorr(minor nomadic humanoids) Bortax(mechanical hive) Sion(small, extremely advanced, psychic humanoids) Sphen(minor reptilians) Archonyx(hybrid, non corporeal humanoids) Procedural pirate and minor factions.

Older work in progress images and quick concept artworks can be viewed on the twitter page: @Akuu_D_E

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Star Zeal 4x


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28,775 Games Available
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