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Manic Miners


Ever wondered what happened to all those pesky Lemmings ?-) Well, the ones that survived anyway !-) Inevitably, they all had to go and get jobs! And the "choice" was obvious ... MINING !-)

Please be sure to check out the Community Hub - Screenshots and Videos !-) The lone developer ( me, obviously: steamcommunity.com/id/maddma) ... (please add me, and why not check if I'm in-game, testing some new feature ?-)

... is contactable via either of these (and usually, but not always, is under the influence of GMT/BST):

manic-miners@outlook.com - facebook.com/MinersManic


Welcome to "Manic Miners" - just imagine, "Lemmings" meets "Boulderdash" ... with TNTs, fuse bombs, lasers and flamers tossed-in-too! And jewels, jewel-bags, coins, ice, bulbs, smoke, smileys, sparks, huge trees, wormholes, gas-pockets and earth- quakes! Now with hint mode, help mode, mini-missions, two-player online game, and map editor! Nigh-Swan !-)

"Excavate To Accumulate!"

Deploy your Tiny Miners (TM) to collect, and safely return home, as many jewels as possible. But, be very, very, aware - there's a million ways to die daan there! Well, ok, seven anyway! Yes, the Seven Deadly Things! So, just a tip ... Try to avoid falling. And drowning. And getting squished. Or gassed. Or burnt. Or blowed-up! (The seventh method is suicide!) Oh, and yes, do watch out for them darned wormholes, gas-pockets, and earthquakes! And all that deadly chokey-smokey! And all with commandments and commentary in the silky-smooth, calming voice of your narrator, "Manic Minnie". Such is "Manic Whirled"! One hundred thousand landscapes where there's no health nor safety. But it's one hell of a beautiful place to die ?-) Now with Manic-Miners-Mini-Missions ... you're given just sixty seconds to complete a task, for rewards of random weapons boosts !-)

Fancy tossing your TNT at a Steam friend? Well, now you can, with the two-player online game. Featuring wall-building to help protect your claim to territory, and thus resources! Undermine your opponent's hut's foundations to claim outright victory! So, think of the one-player game as a practise mode to prepare you for a proper battle !-)

And even includes a (simple, but with more functions coming soon-ish) map editor! Originally, I wrote the first version of this on the Amiga, in about 2001, and it was simply called "Miners". And yes, I did draw my Tiner Miners (TM) myself, contrary to one person's suggestion. You'll find they are twice the size of the "Lemmings" in, obviously, that game, and are similar because they were indeed inspired by it. So, got a PC in 2003, and converted it from 680x0 to C++, and that was it until about 2014, when I decided to put it on Greenlight. Two years passed, without thinking about it, and then last year, I noticed an email at about 3 in the morning. Since, there's been months of additions and improvements (uses the latest DirectX, and now also HLSL pixel shaders - damn, I LOVE PIXEL SHADERS !-). And I'm hoping there will be more still yet to be done. But, alas, there's only one of me, and I'm getting a bit desperate for support and feedback, etc. Thus, if you do like the idea (Lemmings * Boulderdash, plus more), then please, please, please do give it a try today. Better still, get a friend to get a copy too, and have a good explore together! Even if only for an hour or so - if you don't like, then just get a refund, no ?-)

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Manic Miners


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29,386 Games Available
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