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A Game In The Dark

A Game In The Dark is a 2-4 local multiplayer video game that we are currently working on. In this antique wizards’ board game everyone controls invisible, magic-infused balls and must capture a golden artifact to win the game. Stay hidden and startle your opponents as you destroy them with a sneaky move.

Hi there !

Since we’re at a point where we feel confident talking about it, we figured we’d make a post to present you our current work-in-progress game, A Game In The Dark (temporary title).

We're still at an early development stage, so visually we keep it very programmer-artsy in order to get the gameplay right (which often involves removing elements we feel don’t belong in the game), which is harder to do with all the final assets distracting us. Our artist is brainstorming the theme though, so we'll make an article about this shortly.


The game is a 2-4 local multiplayer pc/console game. played with a gamepad (left stick plus A/B buttons)

Everyone is invisible by default. If you are lost you can reveal yourself (pressing B), but that also means other players will know where you are.

You have one attack move (pressing A) which leaves a trail in your path but destroys players in your way.

Movement is controlled with the left stick, giving directions to the ball. It will keep on moving in that direction until it hits a wall.


If you pick up the golden artifact and keep it for a set amount of time, you get 5 points. When you have the gold, you also leave a small puff of smoke whenever you hit a wall.

You get one point for each kill.

The first player to 25 points wins the match.

And More

The general idea is that the game should give as little information as possible. Less information makes the game more tense, and reinforces the feeling of “am I hunting, or am I hunted?”. We are aiming for an experience where if you saw players play this game, you would just see 4 people focused on an apparently empty map. The atmosphere is tense, and all of a sudden an explosion blasts from nowhere and players start to scream at each other. Everyone was perfectly aware of the state of the game, you just have to be in it.

Disclaimer: If you feel like this is similar to (the excellent) ScreenCheat, you’re perfectly right! Playing it inspired us to think about how we could make this with four players on the same screen.

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A Game In The Dark


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29,386 Games Available
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