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Armor Clash [RTS]

Real Time Strategy

Like those classic RTS games, player can build up a base, train an army of modern armor and crash down the enemy with gunfire and missiles. Besides that, you will also see features like unit.

There will be both PC and Mac version available.

Now it is on Steam Greenlight, you can support this game by voting in:


Good Feature:

1. Realistic Vehicle Effects

By the powerful vehicle physics system of Unity 5.0 engine, every vehicle unit has almost the same detail level of cars in racing game: each wheel of the tank or APC is simulated from friction to damping, you can see the suspended system works when vehicles moving across the rough ground.

There are also many lively physics effects implemented, like each explosion will exert forces to items nearby.

The details of vehicle producing in the factory are also visible. Crane hand carries the vehicle base to the workshop, robot hands install wheels and doors automatically, finally the vehicle move out of the factory, you can watch the whole process instead of just see units created on the map directly.

2. Unit Customization

There are not factions setting in the game, instead players can build up their own troop with hundreds of combinations.

Player choose the unit for different classes in the armory. For example, in the Main Tank class, there are M1A2, T90 or other tanks(new units will be added) available. In the Helicopter class, player can choose one from machine gun, AA-missile, long range missile to install on your Apache attack helicopter. In the Air Support class, F35 air strike and AC130 gunship support are very different in action. Player can form their own strategy from these units combinations.

3. Neutral Forces

Besides the enemy, there will be neutral forces spawned on the map, Player can hunt them to get bonus resources, and once a whole neutral camp was cleared, a group of units will come out and fight for you, they maybe rocket jeep, T72 tank, or someone else, which means you get extra forces at early stage.

4. Random Map

As it shows in the trailer, buildings and doodads on the map is randomly generated. When hosting a game, player can choose a map theme like Desert, Mountain or City, then a random map will be generated after game started. Maybe in the last game there is a resource point surrounded by houses that infantry can garrison, now it becomes a factory that full of explosive oil containers, so the strategy must be very different each time.

Weak Points:

It seems odd to tell the weak points in the advertisement. For this is my first game and my resources and energy are limited, so there would be lacks in content than other AAA RTS game. I should tell you honestly before you decide to spend any money on it. I will keep making games for players in a long term, so the trust is most important, and I will try my best to improve the game, fix every bugs before and after the game release.

1. There may not be campaigns

I know that campaign is a very important part for a RTS game, but I really did not have enough resource to make it: I can not make CG, and can not hire people to make record speech. I think I should put my limited time and resource on features like skirmish battle, random map etc that can be replayed more times.

BTW: I may add Challenge Mode in futures, which may be very different from skirmish play.

2. Max player number is 2

For each unit even doodads on map have physics property, the performance costs rise up. I have tried a 2V2 skirmish battle, when 100+ tanks on the map the performance is not acceptable. By now I reduce the max player number to 2, and it works well. I will try to optimize the performance and it may take change in future.

Future Contents:

1. Local Network Multiplayer

By now the LAN is under designing and testing, I should make sure every object is correct in synchronization. It may be 1 or 2 months later after the early access version released.

2. New units and maps

I will keep on adding new units and maps, like Leopard 2, Paladin howitzer, Warrior etc, each unit will have its own trait rather than just different attack and hp values, and do not worry, they are free:)

These are the details of the game, I am still polishing the game now, please do not hesitate to give you any feedback on Steam Page or facebook, I will try my best to make the game bette and cooler:)

I will also update news on the facebook page: Facebook.com

GL && HF


Coming 2015
Single & Multiplayer
Developer & Publisher Windforce

Many players feed back that the battle field environment is too "empty" in the announcement trailer, so I did some polishing work and release some new screenshot about it.

It is the first skirmish map -- Desert. In the desert there is not just sands and stones, in the center of the map there is some abandoned wagons on the rail track, one the left and right, player troop can pass the canyon by the bridge. Control these three import point will be the key to the victory.
Please vote it on the Steam Greenlight page: Steamcommunity.com

Announcement Trailer - Indie DB



Armor Clash [RTS]


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