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Life In Bunker [LIB]

Futuristic Sim

The stuff that has been already made:
- level generation (8 underground levels)
- excavating ground blocks
- building walls and floors
- electricity and water layers
- bunker dwellers (we call them BOBs) have several professions : engineer, janitor, cook, worker, farmer
- female Bobs can become pregnant and give birth to little Bobs
- Bobs’ ageing and natural death
- a bunch of objects like beds, canteen table, reactor, water pump, stove, shower and toilet cabins.
- Bobs generate waste
- Bobs have basic needs and stats like intelligence and strength

Single Player

Hey all,
This is our second entry where I’m going to quickly update you with the progress we’ve made.
I’ve spent a great deal of time experimenting with lighting, colours and post effects . My main goal was to convey the feeling of being underground, slightly gloomy and confined but yet in the same cartoony style.
Games like Dungeon Keeper usually just use the fog of war to hide the world under the thick black blanket, and in most cases it works good, but in our game there is no fog of war. Using it only for creating atmosphere without any actual impact on the gameplay would be a shameful waste of the computing power. So I took a different path.
As you can see I went through many iterations, playing with colours and background shapes, before I found what it should look like. At least for now, I’m happy with the result, though I still have a few ideas I’d want to try in the future.
On the coding part we also progressed very nicely, every day the prototype is becoming to look like a real game. And even though everything is sped up, for the sake of testing, it’s already fun to play. Today I spent about an hour just planning and building my bunker.
These are some new screenshots from the actual prototype, I made them without post effects and lighting being set up properly, just a dull unity scene with the props as they are.
Water level:
Electricity level:
Bobs' stats and profession window:
Individual Bob's window:
And some work in progress stuff:




Life In Bunker [LIB]


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28,154 Games Available
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