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You are an interplanetary mining contractor on a mission to discover natural resources on alien planets and send them back to earth.

Terratech is the ultimate physics-based vehicle construction & combat game.

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Explore new exo-planets and harvest whatever you can find. You’ll have to seek out and refine the planet’s natural assets to build up your base and strengthen your fleet, all while defending your turf from all sides. New vehicle parts and weapons can be scavenged from other prospectors or built from the minerals and resources you find. By researching new technologies or buying new blueprints you can further boost your fleet’s capabilities.

Procedurally generated worlds and an almost limitless array of vehicle design and customisation make for a unique experience for every player. Ally yourself with one corporation and rise through the ranks to profit and glory, or hedge your bets and cherry ­pick from a range of them.

"Extremely promising" - Keith Stuart, The Guardian
"I'm having loads of fun with this" - Leon Hurley, Kotaku
"Amazing" - Ben Barrett, RockPaperShotgun
"The Robot Wars game you’ve always wanted" - IndieHaven

Radius Festival 2014: Game of The Show - Kotaku

Released Jan 30, 2015
Single & Multiplayer
Developer & Publisher Payload Studios

We can't quite believe it but it's just over a year since we revealed TerraTech to the public for the first time at Rezzed 2014, and nearly a year since we released our very first IndieDB demo. It's been an amazing ride since then and we're celebrating this milestone by dropping the price so that even more of you can get in on the action now.
From 6pm BST on Friday 3rd April, the Standard Edition of the game will cost $19.99/£14.99/E19.99 and the Deluxe Edition will be $28.99/£20.99/E28.99. You'll now be able to upgrade from the Standard Edition for $9.99/£6.99/E9.99.
You can still find the game on Steam Early Access (Store.steampowered.com) as well via Humble (Terratechgame.com).
But we haven’t forgotten our most passionate and loyal explorers who’ve been with us since the start so we're also releasing the Year One Payload pack which will be available for FREE to everyone who's bought the game before the end of March 2015.
Included in that will be a free extra copy of the game that you can gift to a friend. Multiplayer is on its way soon so pick your off-word pal carefully!
Once you’ve downloaded the pack, you’ll be able to access a pile of awesome hats to top off your favourite techs! If you've got the latest build of the game then you've probably spotted the new Payload Terminal block (more info here if you've not come across it yet: Terratechgame.com). By using this new in-game shop you can pick your favourite hat and add it to your vehicle.

So what glorious headgear will you choose? You can see the line-up above and if you're a Year One Payload pack holder you can pick any of them. As it's Easter, we also had to throw in some bunny ears too, which will be accessible to all players, and not just those with the Year One pack.
Lots of you who've been with us since the start have been getting stuck into the forums and giving us invaluable feedback on the game as we've gone along so we want to reward you there too – if you registered for the forum before the end of March you'll also get a brand new and exclusive forum banner so you can show off your 'I was there at the beginning' creds to everyone else.
A massive thank you to EVERYONE who's supported, pledged, bought, played, shared, watched, built, explored, flown, mined and crafted their way through the last year and helped us get the game to where it is now.
This is just the beginning, and with your help we can keep growing and improving the game in future. We're looking forward to hearing more of your ideas and putting in all the cool features we know you want to see, including the much-anticipated multiplayer, so watch this space!
Don't forget to keep on top of developments by tuning into to twitch.tv/terratechgame every weekday at 5pm BST, or follow us on Twitter @TerraTechGame or on Facebook.





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29,386 Games Available
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