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1- About this game
C-Wars is Mega Man Battle Network meets Knights of the round. If you enjoy roguelike such as FTL then that's totally your game.
The game will be released on Early Access shortly.

2- Game system


3- FAQ

Q: Playable demo?
A: PC/MAC/Linux beta build is out now.
Latest version download here.

Q: Release plan?
A: Steam, Xbox One, Android

答:PC/ MAC/ Linux已有beta版试玩。

答:Steam,Xbox One,安卓

Single Player
Developer Onipunks Software Ltd.

Possibility lies in each playthrough.
Even with the same character, the hero's fate will be different based on your combat performance.

Basically, the more battles you win, the more secrets you will unveil.
And when your hero falls, he or she can rise again to get revenge or to walk an easier path.
But this is not just simply offering another chance.
Sometimes lose a fight means you are getting closer to a more dangerous situation, and sometimes it'll be your last mistake.





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28,775 Games Available
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