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Omnis - The Erias Line

Role Playing

There's more information about the project, as well as updates on its progress as things move along, on the Facebook page. Likes and shares heartily welcomed.

(This download contains the necessary files to play without RPG Maker VX Ace installed.)

Contains some gore and several instances of strong language.

"Orphan and Skyler have arrived in Verdamm after a decade of travel, looking for a place to settle. But they find it to be far from the utopia they were expecting. Before they have a chance to escape they are forcefully recruited into the 'Operatives' - a covert network of mercenaries and desperate killers born from the city's savage depression.

Their first assignment sets them on a path that will pit them, and their bond, against events that are spiraling out of control.

To survive they must fight for lesser evils and for each other, all while enduring the sinister fascination of a strange entity - an entity obsessed with testing the limits of their love and proving that it can be utterly broken..."

"This is why you are invaluable to me.
Nothing would stop one from protecting the other.
Nothing too important to sacrifice.
But I will keep looking.
You're merely humans, after all."

Single Player

Version 16 Change Log
- removed alternate fuse boxes from Communal area, Sublevel 33 - their presence was confusing.
- widened the scope of visibility when using the miner's lamp.
- condensed and streamlined Sublevel 32.
- removed countdown timer.
(It's been a recurring point of contension and I've resisted removing it until now. It fits within the context of the opening scenario, but ultimately doesn't really add anything to game play while creating an unwanted sense of pressure for some players.)
- changed the girl's running speed during Vent chase.
- removed random encounters and replaced them with on-map enemies.
- added 'exit indicators' to minimap.
- updated Balloon icons.
- added " ? " indicator when near and facing hidden/obscured key items.
- updated Note Log entries 1a and 1b.
- edited some maps to make direction clearer.
- added to custscene to 'broken stairs'.
- altered Window skin.
- Fixed transfer player error in Doll Town.
- altered several lines of dialogue.
- increased zoom on mini-map, making it clearer.
- 'Party Command' window no longer displays automatically on each turn.
(It can still be accessed by pressing Cancel.)
- reduced spacing between Damage Popup digits.
- added 'Boost Attack' and 'Boost HP' skills to Watcher enemy.
- added 'Cover' skill to Verdamm Grunt.
- added new battleback (section 33-C).
- adjusted position of target arrows.
- Updated in-game credits.
- Fixed Sublevel Theme looping delay.



Omnis - The Erias Line


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29,386 Games Available
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