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W.Essense is fast, free, colorful turn-based top-down rogue-like, based on Battle for Wesnoth and Wayward motives. It is fully playable as is, but officially is still at the alpha stage of development - game features are being implemented and added ~weekly.

W.Essense started as a DYI Wesnoth-inspired rogue-like project, and now it is actively developed and discussed at its original birth place - Wesnoth gamedev forum.

In addition to the online html5 version, W.Essense is available as standalone app packaged for Linux, Mac and Windows platforms.

W.Essense Features:
- colorful pixel-art graphics, borrowed and adapted on GPL terms from Battle for Wesnoth project
- convenient turn-based action
- procedurally generated island, tuneable in size, resource availability and monster density
- 8 distinct player characters with unique features and gameplay style
- 90 monster types, +bosses, +quest characters
- 12 magical spells, affecting player, monsters or even terrain
- 8 animated magical auras, providing long-term beneficial effects to the wearer
- ability to hire support troops in taverns
- ability to buy attack and defense upgrades in weapon shops
- day / night cycle

Single Player

Wessense 0.93a is released.
Play it online at Wessense.org or download full game for Linux/Mac/Windows.
W.Essense v0.93a - Mac

W.Essense v0.93a - Linux 32bit

W.Essense v0.93a - Linux 64bit

v0.93a features the long-awaited possibility to save/load your game (okay, it is less rogue-like now, but you asked for it), and Italian translation, kindly provided by Francesco Passoni.
SAVE/LOAD - check [OPTIONS] or type Shift+S / Shift+W / Shift+Q (quicksave)
This release is the last release of W.Essense in its current form. Next release (no ETA yet) will feature fully rewritten, modular core, which will allow to make multi-Scenario Campaigns in addition to the existing single-map single-player game. Extended W.Essense might also feature map editor / scenario maker and unit editor utilities.
Shadow Walker





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29,386 Games Available
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