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First Person Shooter

When a Canadian research team working at Trevain Industries opens an inter-dimensional portal known as the Hellgate, the city of Calgary is thrown into complete darkness. C.R.E.E.P.S an elite military contractor led by Sgt. Jake Muldoon is deployed into the scene to restore power to the city and close the Hellgate.

- Playable from the first person perspective‏.
- Immersive Graphics: AAA-quality graphics give players a detailed world to play in.
- Squad members can be controlled by the player and have unique weapons and skills.
- Player can choose from many different weapons, from Sniper Rifles to Chainsaws.
- Player can setup special equipment to slowdown or kill enemies.
- Unpredictable enemies, different classes have unique AI.
- Kidnapping system make the game unique.

Exploration Phase
The Atmosphere is dark and foggy. You and your squad members must reach locations where the lights can be turned on. Be-careful there are unknown creatures roaming around.

Action Phase
In one word: Mayhem. Enemies hate the light. Wave of enemies will came after you. You need to think on your feet to keep yourself and squad members a live or from being kidnapped.

Rejected - Slow humanoid enemies that move in very large groups. It is speculated that they
were once human. They are attracted to humans and will eat them in a futile attempt to regain their humanity.

???? - If game is funded via crowd funded campaign(Start April 21, 2014) , the community will pick a name for this monstrosity.

Gargantuan – Sheer power and strength. Has a powerful metal armor and medium speed.

The C.R.E.E.P.S (Crisis Response Elite Emergency Preparation Squad) are a
private military organization that specialize in Hazard Containment. The team deployed to The Hellgate is known as Alpha 1.

What make the C.R.E.E.P.S special?
C.R.E.E.P.S have the ability to deploy special equipment that will slow down or kill any treat in many different ways. Equipment ranges from land mines, sentry turrets, fog lights, electric fences...etc.

Flame Turret – Auto detects enemies and Incinerates them with its powerful flame

Electric Fence – When deployed it will kill enemies via electrocution. It is mostly effective against most enemies. Ineffective against airborne enemies and large enemies.

Fog Lights - Disperse the fog and allow better visibility. Useful when using long range weapons such as the sniper rifle.

We have a working prototype and will be doing a crowd-funding campaign April 21, 2014. You can sign up and be notified when the crowd-funding campaign is launched.





Thanks for you support.

Single Player
Developer & Publisher Brink 3D




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29,386 Games Available
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